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Office 2003 Troubles!

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For some reason, I keep getting this stupid error when trying to re-install office 2003! I've looked on M$ service website, but found nothing like what I am experiencing! The same error that I am getting has been shown to be involved with XP Plus! installations, but Not office 2003! As it is 2AM here...I am tired and sick of trying to figure it out. I REALLY appreciate any asssitance.




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this is something of a hunch from a vague memory of a "trick" you sometimes have to apply with Office installation - presume you are going for straight install from CD? Have heard of situation whereby if you copy CD ot your Hard Drive, then run the install from there it can complete. Something to do with needing update access to a file. Cannot say for sure if your symptoms match with that solution, but maybe worth a go?


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OK.. you are reinstalling.

Which version of Office did you install originally and what version are you trying to reinstall with?

Even if you installed a MS Select corporate version of Office 2003 std and try to reinstall with a retail Office 2003 version, the installation will look for the original Select source MSI file.

If you have that many problems, why not do a full uninstall and reinstall of Office...

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