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Everytime I close Excel 2000 or Word 2000, it hangs and then "end now" comes up. I have win XP Pro. No problem opening them up, but only when it closes that it hangs? Also in powerpoint. Thanks for any info.
Try right clicking on their icons> properties> 'compatability' tab. Try different compatibility modes and see what you see.
I go to start, then programs and then I right click on the Excel icon and hit properties. I do not see compatiblity mode? Thanks for the help!
I just tried it on my Office programs and it doesn't give me the option to run them in compatability modes from their shortcuts.

You need to open Windows explorer and find their executables and enable the feature directly from them (right clicking on 'winword.exe' etc.).

The path to my office XP products is D:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office10. I'm not sure where Office 2000 products install to so you'll have to find the installation folder.

Hope that helps.
I tried all different ways of changing the compatiblity options. Nothing. It still freezes after I close the program. Any other suggestions?
I'm not sure on this one. I have Office XP and the programs I've installed from it are running with no problems. You might want to try going to the Office 2000 website and see if there are any service packs or updates for it... I know there's already a service pack out for Office XP. That's the only thing I can think of. Good luck and I hope you get it working.
ook, when I install office 2000, i always check custom, and install all from the cd to hard drive. Is there a particular item I shouldn't install? Thanks...
Did you ever find a fix for this?
I have the same problem and I have tried the compatiblity options,
re-installed, repaired and checked the Micro$oft site and nothing.
Only Excel hangs on my machine all of the other programs work just fine.
No. Still have the same probelm. Soon I will be getting Office 2002. Perhaps this is more compatible. It's really anoying isn't it.
Yes, it is a pain....I just have to remember to "Save" before closing Excel instead of letting it do it's own thing.
I have posted it on several forums. Funny that nobody else has this probelm. I thought I was the only one with this problem. Perhaps we'll be lucky and someone can help.
I found a couple of other people with the same glitch, but no solutions.
I can think of a few posibility's:

1. check that the location for all the directory's still exist; to check this go into word and goto tools/options/file locations
There must be a directory standing at least after: User directory and user templates, also tools and startup directory's have te be defined...

2. Your has become corrupt (normally under '%userprofile%\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates\'

rename this file and try again

3. one of the shared dll's has become corrupt. Goto control panel/add_remove programs/Microsoft office 2000 and choose repair

I hope that one of above will solve your problem...

Thanks Gert-Jan,
Non of those options helped with my Excel problem....but as I looked at the Tools>>>Options list in Excell it had my first and last name as "User" and I changed it to my Windows login name and the hang>>>crash problem went away.:)
That's very od...

Because that entry is only used (as far as i know) for 'Branding' your documents. It is automatically entered into the Author property of any new document you make...

But he: if it works i'm happy :) and if it works don't fix it :)


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