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Office 12: An early look...

Thurrott's on a roll this week. ;)
First it was the LH preview, now it's an article on the next version of Microsoft Office.

In a similar style to the LH post, here's the info:

...and the prototype screenshots (note that this is not the actual product):
* The Outlook 12 Calendar will be integrated more closely with Tasks and given a nice makeover.

* Office 12 will support a variety of collaboration techniques, including IM, audio, and video.

* FrontPage 12 will feature better integration with external data sources.


Thanks for the heads up.
I'd like to know what the benefits are to Corporate Clients to upgrade to Office 12 considering the "high" OS specification required. Besides Outlook and messaging will the basic products such as word, excel, powerpoint and access justify the upgrade on their own? We'll have to see what happens of the next 18 months.


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I don't see a lot of difference between the new and the old. Don't use the calendar as such so can't say much on that aspect. Also, are they planning the IM to replace windows messenger and MSN messenger?
It's really wayyyy too early to know anything. Even those screenshots are all prototypes. It could very well end up looking completely different. In this case, I'd say some of the information posted is more interesting and relevent.


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NetRyder said:
I like the new arrangement of the Outlook calendar too. Looks like Outlook will be the prime reason to upgrade, yet again. :p
Outlook justifies a probable $300 upgrade?

I will give Microsoft credit in their Office line however, atleast they are 90% backwards compatible, I can work on a document in OfficeXP and then in Office2k with little problems. I know with Autodesk, for example, if you modify a drawing in v8, then you can't open it in v5. C'est la merde.
Hmm...too bad it was taken down. Then again, I think it was probably way too early to put up such information on the web anyway.

j79zlr said:
Outlook justifies a probable $300 upgrade?
Depends on who is buying it and whether the productivity gain is worth the money spent. For large companies that rely on Outlook and Exchange on a daily basis, it could be well worth it.

For me personally, the jump from Outlook XP to Outlook 2003 was significant enough to justify the upgrade. I'd never use Outlook XP, but 2003 is one of those constantly running apps on my system. Of course, it helped that I could get Office (the Student edition) for $90 off Amazon too. ;)


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I got my OfficeXP and WinXP Pro for $5 each from the bookstore at school. :p That was worth it, but retail prices for their software is just too high.

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