Off to buy a new gadget


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12 Apr 2002
Off to best-buy to buy myself a new optical mouse.

My mx1000 will move to the office and my new home mouse will be the MX Revolution :cool:

The fly-wheel should help with my spreadsheets.

I have several reports and sheets of 3000+ rows :dead: hope it's as good as advertised ;)

Will comment more when I get back. Wish me luck, hope the buggers are in stock.

I want one. But I want a keyboard to go with it. And not Bluetooth if that is an option.
Nice mouse m8, would be nice to see a review.

Could always call ahead to see if they are in stock - or order online and choose in store pickup :)
Okies, showered and ready to go buy stuff :D

Matt, I am going to wait for the m$ "ultimate" keyboard before buying one. bluetooth is ace, if you have other things that tie into it (i.e. my phone) so the hub really works wonders.

I'll write up a review or something later. Probably just use stock pictures, cept when comparing my mx1000 to it.

Don't care about the call-ahead since I shop at the whole-foods right next to it, I can easily pop in and out :)
Verdict so far, I LOVE THE MOUSE.

If only the fly-wheel wasn't broken :(

Damn thing is off-kilter, someone didn't pack it properly.

It works however. Best mouse I've EVER had :D

Proper review when I return it and get another one.
*claps* I wonder if it would work on the same (Bluetooth) receiver as my diNovo. Even though it wouldn't match the keyboard (that's bad).
It seems like a regular RF mouse dude, not blue-tooth.

Not that I care, RF has much better range.


After some more fiddling around, the mouse if definitely ****ed.

The entire section that holds the fly-wheel is loose. When I click it, my right mouse button is being hit by something on the inside.


I am pissed off but its whatever. I'll switch it tomorrow.

Btw, the fly-wheel is unbelievable :D

I wish there was an option for the search button linked directly to or or something. Right now, google and yahoo are ok, but definitely not what I want for everything.

The mouse itself has the BEST feel of ANY mouse I have ever used :D

Well worth it if you have some spare cash lying around.
It is RF. But I believe Logitech makes the receivers backwards compatible.
Im not a fan of logitech anymore.
After spending 150 on my desktop set: [FONT=Arial,Helvetica] Logitech Cordless Desktop MX 5000 Laser
which does not work for gaming or anything at all i have disliked logitech.
The keyboard is never connected and the mouse goes bizerks way too often.

The mouse you got does look sick though.
I'm quite happy with the razer copperhead now i've gotten used to the way I need to hold it and its amazing sensitivity :)

The problem is I now think my mx1000 is sluggish as a house brick :p
Pfft they scroll :)
Actually my mouse has those buttons, dont know what they do, u have figured out that the arrows on the side are back/forward on the internet.
Pfft they scroll :)
Actually my mouse has those buttons, dont know what they do, u have figured out that the arrows on the side are back/forward on the internet.
I suppose you set the button to do whatever you want them to do.

but the wheels, that's what I don't get,just more places to scroll from?

and the slider...what the frig is the slider for?
Definitely a sick mouse, I have been looking for something new.

Perhaps a Christmas gift to myself :D

I look forward for your review Saz.
Shame the second wheel can't be used as a throttle. Or cas it.

As for that split up the middle to form the 2 main pseudo buttons it is the devils curse to those of us crippled up with carpal tunnel. It requires additional force over real buttons causing repetitive motion damage when gaming.
well then put a slider there and make it do something else too!

The second wheel is for that purpose.

The reason there is a split is to allow both buttons to move independently and not cause strain during clicking :)

The 2nd wheel is also click-able :cool:

Just can't assign it to do anything :(

Right now I have it set to zoom in and out (my sheets are usually zoomed OUT so I can view more data at any given time) so it works wonders :)

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