Of mice and beeps...


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hi. i got 2 questions:
1) using IE like 5 min ago, for some reason the computer (not the sound card, the pc speaker) beeped. it wasn't a beep like the ones one hears when one turns on the pc, this one was more lower pitched. anyone knows why this happens?

2) a)why is it that sometimes im moving my mouse and the pointer on the screen stops moving for like 1/2 a sec.?
b) sometimes, i log on to my user, let everything load (firewall, NAV, Intellipoint software, ATI software) and the mouse doesn't work. it moves and everything but the clicking doesn't work, i click on the start menu and it doesnt open, hell, it doesnt even light up when i point at it. anyone know how to solve this?

thanks, Apu

AMD K6-2 450, Gigabyte GA5SMM mobo, 128 ram, ATI Radeon 32 mb SDR, liteon 40x cdrom, hp cdwriter + 9100, onboard audio, lifeview cam, 40gb 7200rpm HD, 8gb 5400 HD, Realtek NIC, AOpen modem.


Uninstall it in device manager reboot so the mouse is re detected and reinstalled.