OE6 opening really really slow


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24 Dec 2001
Hey guys,

Did a search, didn't come up with anything, but I know this was a severe problem in the past... go to open up Outlook Express, loads the splash screen and waits for about 2 minutes to open up... I know one of the fixes was to rename the messenger folder MessengerOff, but now that they've incorporated AIM into it, makes it a bit difficult... What were the registry tweaks to improve loading speeds? Or besides that how can I speed it up? This is coming off of a near fresh format. :/
ah...in the registry you need to create this key if it doesn't exist:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Outlook Express\Hide Messenger

and put a value of 2
Nevermind, got it fixed right as you posted man, google groups found me some registry keys' to disable the default messenger related with OE. :)

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