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Oe Crashes !!!

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
Outlook Express crashes each time I try to attach a file... No error message, no BSOD, nothing ! The install is recent 3 weeks at large, and clean. Latest driver for my video and for the SBLive card. So what the heck ? Is it the same driver problem related to the sound card as under Win2k ?
Thanx for any hint, tip or advice !

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
To AlecStaar

I can't attach a file (.jpg) with OE nor online with my mail provider, IE closes all windows and voila. So I guess it is not really related to OE...


OSNN Senior Addict
how the heck do u reinstall it?
i think i tried once when i had a IE6 prob and it said it was already installed
either that or that pesky downloader from MS installed like one component i was missing


Couldn't you go to the command line and use the SFC (System File Checker) ? Or is that for Windows only components? Just curious, so if I ever have a problem like that

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
Real strange !!! And annoying !!!

It might be Outlook Express or Internet Explorer... My problem seems to be ONLY related to .jpg files !! Each time I try to attach a jp(e)g file, through OE, IE (i.e.: Yahoo 30 megs briefcase), the program crashes, the simple fact to select the image for attachment...
How to understand this ? Is there an option somewhere, some basic protection against viruses ? I read somewhere that OUTLOOK has an option to prevent from opening certain types of files, could it be something like that ?
Is it due to XP itself, I can't believe it, because everything work fine on my work computer (also with XP, on a lan).
Thanks or any Hint, Help, Tip...
I know your problem...XP has a very screwed up way of dealing with photos...try this take the .jpg off of the picture so that windows does not try and display it, or make sure you are in details only view before choosing the attachment so windows does not try to preview the file

this is an ongoing problem with alot of people I know. it affects XP's wanting to create thumbnails and display them in every program no matter what, this has even caused nero to crash for me when trying to select pics to burn

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