OE 6.0 loads fast, sends mail VER slowly

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by dan0421, Feb 13, 2002.

  1. dan0421

    dan0421 Guest

    No problem with OE 6.0 loading fast, and I have Messenger disabled.

    Problem: When I SEND a message, OE says "connecting" and then sits there for 20 seconds. Then it send the message just fine.

    And I'm talking about small messages, even just one word. 20 seconds and then it SENDS the message just fine.

    If I launch OE 6.0 it opens up and immediately checks for mail; very quickly (matter of one second). And if I hit the SEND/RECEIVE button it immediately connects and reports no messages (or immediately receives mail if there's some waiting).

    But it's when I SEND a new message, or REPLY to a message and hit SEND that is reports "connecting" and just sits there for 20 seconds before the green progress bar flies across the screen.

    What could be going on?

    I turned-off AV scanning of outgoing mail. No diff.
    I turned off the firewall. No diff.


  2. DrX

    DrX Guest

    It sounds like the mail server you are using to me....

    Use another mail server and try it , mail.yahoo.com
  3. dan0421

    dan0421 Guest

    Newbie here... OK, how do I do that?
  4. raztaman

    raztaman Guest

    I think he said, that you have to create an acount on yahoo. Then activate the option that you can get the mails by using outlook.

    And just add your servers
    pop.mail.yahoo.com and smtp.mail.yahoo.com in an outlouk account. (tools => account => import) and just do whatt the wizard says.

    And then you'll see that it will go very fast . :)
    (my yahoo goes very fast in here)

    I hope that this is what he meant, otherwise i am wrong.

    Greetz :p:p
  5. dan0421

    dan0421 Guest

    Thanks for the idea. I got a Yahoo account, set up Outlook Express, and the same delay!

    Then I downloaded a different mail program, BECKY, and after setting it all up it have THE SAME DELAY.

    Is there a way to uninstall and reinstall Outlook Express? It doesn't show up in the Add/Remove applet in Control Panel.

    Or, is there a way to get Windows XP to REPAIR the Outlook Express installation?

    Thank you for you time and help!
  6. raztaman

    raztaman Guest

    i did not find it either. The only way is maybe by deleting folder in program files, but i think that wont do any good.

    Maybe download the outlouk files separatly form
    microsoft.com. And try to reinstal it.

    I dunno

    cant help ya

  7. dan0421

    dan0421 Guest

    No, you don't want to delete folders in the Programs directory.

    Turns out my problem was with the ATT mail server. My OE installation is fine.

    Thanks for all the information!