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Oddworld: Stranger help

I'm kinda right at the begging where i need to collect one of every "thing" so far and theres one or them across the water... and i just cant seem to figure out how to get passed it and knock out the last one...


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One of everything? What do you mean? The only place you need money is in the beginning. What do you need to collect? What is them?
It is the part where you have to hunt for your own ammo, and it says you need one of each kind to move on and theres aither 4 or 5 different ones you have to hit and then run over to collect them... its right at the first part of swimming


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Ahh, it's around there somewhere. They aren't very hard to find. You use the electrical ammo to kill them. The electrical ammo never runs out.
Ok now i'm kinda in a pickle here... i am facing Elboze Freely and i cannot ever hurt him... what do i do? i also went to that black market and i bought those darts, how can i use them?


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I can't even remember that specific boss now. You should check out the FAQs and forums at GameFAQs.com. They are always a great help.


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You select the dart like you would a sniper. You use it in the zoom mode. You are always able to hold a certain number of each type of ammo and use each of them once you get them and have the ammo.

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