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Odd ?


The Analog Kid
I was wondering...
I have two accounts on my system, Mine and "all users"
Some programs put stuff in my start menu and others in "all users"
Can I just move all the stuff from "all users" to mine just to keep things nice and tidy? Or will I really mess things up?

(this is mostly so programs list in the start menu in order and alphabetically)


Best off leaving things alone. Some programs want to go one place, others the other. XP requires both folders for a reason - though it does seem to be silly, doesn't it?


You are not going to mess up your system if you move everything to one folder, but since you cannot delete All Users there's no advantage to moving anything and in the long run you are less likely to run into the smaller problems that will likely arise at some point.


The Analog Kid
I was just trying to get everything into one folder so my start menu can be in alphabetical order. Seeing as I have about 180 progs installed, sometimes it's just aggravating to find them


OSNN Gamer
No matter were in the start menu you put program shortcuts they will work !!! - if there is to be no other user then put them in your Start Menu Programs folder - if your going to have multiple users then put them in all users Except the programs you want to keep for your self. The idea is you can configure each account differently


Bow Down to the King
Political User
I moved everything from "All Users" to my own account. I have experienced no problems whatsoever. The only folder you cannot move is startup, Windows won't allow it.

As I said, no problems. 26 day uptime until rebooting today to install new updates and new versions of various software.

After all, they are just shortcuts.

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