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Odd Winamp 5 problem!


Fistful of Boom
Hey guys :)

Just to flesh this problem out for you a little, I'm experiencing one nagging issue with Winamp 5. I am using the very latest version of the program (5.05) with Windows XP SP2. XP itself is completely legit and I've clean installed using a slipstream disc containing SP2, so the computer is clean and tidy. The PC stats are as follows: Pentium 4 3.06 GHZ, 1GB DDR RAM, Geforce FX 5200.

Right, so here's the issue: I've now clean installed several times, mostly because I'm currently trying to get the right balance of programs going (I'm a bit fussy about that lol) but each time I'm experiencing only one problem, and that is with Winamp. The program itself works fine, plays fine and all the rest of it, but randomly when I flip through my playlist the program will crash and display an 'error reporting' screen. When I return to the program, it sets my playlist back to how it was when I first added all the files to it.

I have a playlist of over 14,000 files (yes, they are also legit because I spend way too much money!) and whenever I buy something new, I'll add files to it and then save the playlist. Yet, I can be flipping through songs on shuffle and suddenly the program will crash out, I return and the playlist is back to how it was saved when I first added the files. I have no idea why this is, but it makes for a really unstable listening experience. I never know just when Winamp will crash, making me have to clear the playlist and re-add all those files so that the latest are included.

Can anyone help me out here? SP2 runs without any other noticable probelms, it's just this one issue that is irritating me slightly. :confused:

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide, and sorry for the length of the post. If you need me to post any more info, please ask away :)


High On Life!
maybe some of ur files are corrupted or ur playlist its self is? try recreating your playlist and also use an mp3 checker (the one that comes with kazaa lite forgot the name) see if any mp3s are corrupted and check ur plugins if ur running any

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