Odd delay



I upgraded from Me to XP.
Since I have done this I get inexplicable delays in
my network connections. Please take a look at this trace:

Tracing route to www.htmlforums.com []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 11 ms 11 ms 10 ms <-- Delay here of 10-20 seconds
2 14 ms 11 ms 13 ms rdg-cam1-a-fa00.inet.ntl.com
3 14 ms 13 ms 13 ms bre-t2core-a-pos49.inet.ntl.com
4 14 ms 13 ms 14 ms bre-bb-a-so-330-0.inet.ntl.com
5 14 ms 15 ms 14 ms gfd-bb-b-so-700-0.inet.ntl.com
6 15 ms 14 ms 17 ms gfd-bb-a-ge-020-0.inet.ntl.com
7 17 ms 19 ms 16 ms above-ntl-stm16-2.lhr1.above.net
8 16 ms 18 ms 15 ms core2-lhr1-stm16.lhr3.above.net
9 90 ms 93 ms 89 ms lga1-lhr3-stm64.lga1.above.net
10 117 ms 90 ms 94 ms core3-core2-oc48.lga1.above.net
11 88 ms 92 ms 89 ms qwest-nyc-oc12.above.net
12 91 ms 89 ms 89 ms jfk-core-01.inet.qwest.net
13 95 ms 92 ms 115 ms wdc-core-02.inet.qwest.net
14 94 ms 94 ms 94 ms wdc-core-03.inet.qwest.net
15 94 ms 93 ms 94 ms dca-core-03.inet.qwest.net
16 127 ms 128 ms 128 ms iah-core-01.inet.qwest.net
17 130 ms 130 ms 130 ms iah-edge-01.inet.qwest.net
18 133 ms 131 ms 133 ms <-- Delay here of 10-20 seconds
19 132 ms 134 ms 135 ms vl130.aggr1.sat.rackspace.com
20 134 ms 136 ms 133 ms www.htmlforums.com

Trace complete.

I see the long delays at line 1 and line 18. What happens is that the ping times come back really quickly but it sits there for like 20 seconds before it prints IP address to the screen. There is also a delay of about 10-20 seconds before the trace even starts.

I have changed my connection to the modem to Ethernet, done all the settings. I would be eternally grateful if anyone could help me understand this problem.


It's trying to perform a reverse lookup on the IP so it can give you a DNS name. So, it times out trying to find you one, and you only see the IP. That would be why you only see the delay on hops that don't show a DNS name.



Thank you.

Now then...what can I do about it? :)
Also, why has this only started since I upgraded my modem?


I have never really tried to do anything about it on the workstations that I have seen affected, so I don't know what to tell you there. However, the problem can show up from a hardware change pretty easily if you ask many Linksys home router owners. There was a new firmware update that was released to add UPnP support, but it trashed the ability to do tracerts altogether (even though it was reported by beta testers to be a problem, it was still released). I know these are much in the way of answers, and maybe someone else might have a better solution for you, but that's all I have at this moment.




Well, I really appreciate the information you have given me. Time for the Google God to come to the rescue I think :)


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There is nothing you can do to get rid of the delays. it just coincided with your modem change by random.

The delay does not affect your ping at all, it's just those addresses don't have DNS entries so it times out on them, no need to fix it. just doa normal ping and not a tracert and it won't bother doing the reverse lookups


Tx. Actually I added the IP's to the hosts file and it now returns instantly. It was all of a red herring really though because I thought the delay I was witnessing was synonymous with the problem I get when trying to download a page of the net.

Problem is that my real problem still exists. That is I get a long delay between initiating a request to load a web page and for it to actually go out over the Net and retrieve it.

Can't understand it really and no one else seems to be suffering with the same problem. :(

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