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Odd Crash Problem




The other day I got a new mobo and processor, i buily the pc and everything in there is out of my old pc except the board and cpu. I booted for the first time and nopthing happened, i removed one of my dimms and it then booted fine, so thats the first odd thing, it will boot with either dimm in but not both (they are both 256 @ 133) so then i get xp installed and everything seemed fine, I installed a few games and every game crashes!, it will run for about 20 seconds and then there`s a strange squelch noise from the speakers and my monitor goes black and i have to reset. Then this morning i booted and got a bios error and had to set my bios up again. I think the board may be screwed, what do you all think ?

The board is an Elite K7S5A and the cpu is a 1.7 ath xp
If possibile; I would try the RAM on another machine; see if it works there. If it does; sounds like your board is screwed.


I`ve heard that these boards are really picky about ram (i found out after i`d bought it on the recomendation of a friend!), my mate has 512 kindgon dimm so i`ll try that


hardware monkey
i've had problems with an ecs board before, but not like those. they're generally not a very good company. the board could very well be screwed.

but let's rule out other things, first. what are your temperatures like? if they get too high (which they could in a game), then you'll get crashes. also, since you said the board wouldn't accept one stick of memory, it's probably not too happy about the other, either. some boards are awful picky about their memory so maybe if you can borrow some good, brand name memory from someone and see if it still happens.

and you have the latest bios version and latest drivers for everything, right?
Jas (and i am SO telling the truth!!) Same problem when i had one of those K7S5A mb`s (2ndpc) would not always boot with 2 sticks of ram and always locked up when benchmarking or any game went through all the fault finding and even stipped my old pc down and used all the parts and same problem (different everything) i updated the bios to the latest version and tried many beta and custom bios`s to access the hidden options (bios very limited)...went through all the forums even contacted ECS but they would not reply.

After spending a week solid on it i returned it and being so put off i changed it for a gigabyte board.

I am not saying that you might not fix your problem but when i read your post i thought OH-NO not another....if all else fails take it back....i nearly snapped mine in temper!.


Cheers tony, i`m gonna try some different memory and if that dont work the board is going back and i`m getting a different board, probably Gigabyte, my last board was a gigabyte and it was excellent

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