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OCZ Technology Aquires PC Power & Cooling


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PC Power & Cooling has today announced it will join the OCZ Technology Group, effective immediately.

As a part of the OCZ Technology Group, PC Power & Cooling’s complete line of power management solutions such as the maximum performance Turbo-Cool and ultra-quiet Silencer, will continue to be offered and developed by PC Power & Cooling. Through the combined efforts of the newly merged organization, PC Power & Cooling products will now be available to consumers though a variety of new distribution channels and on a world-wide scale. All products will continue to be offered with the renowned support and warranty that PC Power & Cooling customers have come to expect over the 22 year history of the company. In addition, customers will continue to have the option to purchase PCP&C products directly via the company's soon-to-be-upgraded webstore at www.pcpower.com.

The key advantage for PC Power & Cooling customers will undoubtedly be the increased accessibility of PCP&C products as they become available through the established global distribution channels of the OCZ Technology Group.

From the official announcement by OCZ: "As the time-honored frontrunner in best-in-class power solutions, only PC Power & Cooling can redefine and develop the market’s standards of performance, as it has done for the past twenty-two years since its inception in 1985. Under the OCZ Technology Group, PC Power & Cooling products will gain the exposure of the established OCZ global channel, maximizing the availability of the reputable line to customers everywhere."

A statement from Doug Dodson, founder and CEO of PCP&C: "Our customers win under this new arrangement with OCZ because PC Power & Cooling products will now be more widely available and our cutting-edge innovations will be brought to market sooner. With their memory technology and other high-end components, OCZ have proven to both the industry and consumer that they are a company who value performance and quality; both of which are essential characteristics for an expansion partner of PC Power & Cooling. OCZ also bring to the table an established world-wide channel of distribution, which will allow PC Power & Cooling to focus primarily on cutting-edge power management innovation and the continued development of our top-notch customer service, website resources, and technical support."
Source: PC Power & Cooling


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This is the worst news I have heard all week.... PC Power & Cooling is one of the best PSU manufacturers available.... OCZ is not. Great, now we will get PPC PSU's with led's on them and plexiglass cases! :dead:
This is actually pretty good. OCZ memory is some of the best on the market. Add to that the best PSU's on the market and what do you get?


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yeah. thats what i thought... they're not gonna screw pc p&c psu's, they probably bought them to offer more quality products w/o all the trouble of making them themselves
Speaking of OCZ memory.

FRY's has 2x1GB 6400 DDR2 for $79 after rebate ($119 instore), today is the last day. Does not say what the timings are.


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I hope this doesn't spell the end of PC Power & Cooling. I'm really glad I got my new PC Power & Cooling PSU before all this. :)


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Yeah, its kind of ironic I was just looking at buying one a few days ago. I probably should before they sell out of the old stock. I'm really not happy about this buyout.
Guys, relax. OCZ didn't buy them to ruin them. They wanted a top name to build on their overclocking performance image.

Keep an eye out they may be thinking about branding an OCZ Gaming PC product line. Something like what Aleinware was before they picked up the stigma of being part of DELL. (Hiding and waiting patiently for the retribution from SAZAR.)


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We could be overreacting a bit, but I never like to see a successful and quality independent company get bought up by the larger, less quality fish.
OCZ is very high quality. Their self build PSU's were garnering a very good repover here in europe, with their purchase of PCP&C things can only get better.
OCZ didn't make their own power supplies. They rebadged them from a third party but at the moment (5 beers) the OEM is escaping me. I do know that it's the same OEM Mushkin used.

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