October 2007 Desktop Screenshots

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October 2007 Desktop Screenshots

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And here be mine. And matt, stfu about my XP. You too Sazar. :p

OS = XP still goin strong
WindowBlinds 5.51
Theme = ThunderStorm
Various Icons
Wallpaper = Simpsons Abby Road "expanded" (edited to wide screen 1680x1050, original was 1024x768)

^^clickity click^^


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WindowBlinds 5.51? Old.
Bitch! x2!

(build 97 x86)

I didn't want to buy version 6. I'm warming up to it though, but it's a lame discount of only 5 dollars ($19.95 for WB 6 $15.00 if you purchased WB 4 or 5). If you have WB 4 then I can see the 5 dollars only reduction but if records show that you had 4 then 5 they should give at least an 8 dollar reduction cause you are a loyal customer (yeah, I izz cheap :p). Although $15.00 isn't really that much. :s
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any chance of a link to that wall nads ?

and to those who say (or have said) click on the picture above - to "clue me in" - i would like the wall without nads desktop icons on it ;)
I'll post it when I get home. Long long day at work. :s

I'll post my expanded and the original versions.


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I've noticed work took a lot longer on an XP system. But with Vista, it's a breeze.
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