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Oc Help For Gf6800

Hi,i bought a msi gf6800 td128,and i want to know if i can unlock the extra pipelines,and basically how to do IT,and check if there working,etc,etc,i used to use a softmod driver for my ati aiw9800se which turned it into a pro,is there anything similiar.Sorry if this has been asked before.i have downloaded rivatuner 20r but unsure how to use it.many thanx.I am fairly deseperate. :confused: :confused:
oc gf6800

Thanks zombie,did what it said in the link,and ive upped my memory speed to 800,and my core to 370 and im getting 3907 on 3dmark2005,is this good,or can i push it higher,or which one the memory or the core speed do i need to adjust.Thanks again. :)

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