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21 Jun 2002
Ok so I got a great deal on Oblivion (like 22.99 after shipping) and have been about 2 hours in just wandering and getting my feel for the game. The only problem is I can't find a point or can get immersed in the game!!! Can someone who really likes the game tell me why they do and what I should be looking for when I play. I'm really early in the game and haven't done much but I want to like this game. I really want to get immersed into the story but I can't seem to grasp what I'm supposed to do with my character. Am I supposed to slowly make them a better or will it happen in time with the story.

Any tips would be appreciated or game ideas with links to good sites would be good as well.

I want to get into this game but so far I'm not seeing the draw.

Please help!
The story and your character development should grow together as you do the quests. Wandering around and picking up random quests, joining the guilds and doing their business, and talking to random people to get information will get you far. If the pace of the game bothers you, cheat! Then you can adjust the game to something you will enjoy more. Maybe just giving yourself a few levels will be enough without ruining the whole game. (but I'm only saying this because I did ;))

The Elder Scrolls series is not known for its focus. Oblivion is kind of a world you live in, finding your own path. It was this free-form, no focus aspect that turned me off of Morrowind, but my tastes have changed over the last couple of years and I've learned to enjoy it. Maybe you will eventually, maybe not.

If you prefer focus, Gothic and Gothic 2 Gold (with the Night of the Raven expansion) are so much better. There is a definite quest line, the side quests aren't overwhelming, and you never lose your way; give those a try if you get the chance.
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Thanks for posting. When I get time this weekend I'm going to try and really put some time in and see if it's worth it. I like the idea of the game and I really want to like it.

Now Gothic 3 is what I'm looking forward to. I love these types of games, but sadly I'm looking for something a little closer to KOTOR and KOTOR II. No announcements on the 3rd on yet so I"m sad and looking for a good RPG.

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