Oblivion junkies...

I've just installed oblivion again. Its nmuch smoother on my core 2 duo than it was on my athlon 3500+ :)

Might want to add one to your shopping lists :)


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IMO it's more gpu and ram intensive than cpu... it doesn't go over 55% on my athlon 3800+, and it is dual core "optimized" :)

gotta love the core 2 duo though ;)


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running the game on my core 2 duo and a lowly 7600Gt I was able to put some eye candy on and use a higher resolution...I was really happy with the visual quality...gameplay quality that's another story...I played the game maybe twice.


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As great as Oblivion is, it just doesn't hold the same charm for me as Morrowind did. Ah well, you can't win them all!


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I just got a Core 2 Duo, but everytime I start up Oblivion I get a whole load of flickering and the graphics seem to be overlayed with weird shapes. Has anyone else had this problem?


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Oblivion is good, but if you want to try a better more immersive storyline (at least until the shivering isles expansion is out) Morrowind is available for about five to ten quid in the UK.

I like Oblivion alot, but I just don't find the main storyline as gripping, and while the Morrowind storyline is common to a certain extent its done well.


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I am running Obivion at 1680x1050, with 2GB ram, Athlon 64 3800+, and a 7800GS AGP, with no issues at all, and that is with 95% of the bennys turned on to full!

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