Oblivion junkies...


2 Feb 2004
I've just installed oblivion again. Its nmuch smoother on my core 2 duo than it was on my athlon 3500+ :)

Might want to add one to your shopping lists :)
IMO it's more gpu and ram intensive than cpu... it doesn't go over 55% on my athlon 3800+, and it is dual core "optimized" :)

gotta love the core 2 duo though ;)
running the game on my core 2 duo and a lowly 7600Gt I was able to put some eye candy on and use a higher resolution...I was really happy with the visual quality...gameplay quality that's another story...I played the game maybe twice.
As great as Oblivion is, it just doesn't hold the same charm for me as Morrowind did. Ah well, you can't win them all!
I just got a Core 2 Duo, but everytime I start up Oblivion I get a whole load of flickering and the graphics seem to be overlayed with weird shapes. Has anyone else had this problem?
i experienced that with vista, with crappy nvidia drivers. i updated, all was well.
Oblivion is good, but if you want to try a better more immersive storyline (at least until the shivering isles expansion is out) Morrowind is available for about five to ten quid in the UK.

I like Oblivion alot, but I just don't find the main storyline as gripping, and while the Morrowind storyline is common to a certain extent its done well.
I am running Obivion at 1680x1050, with 2GB ram, Athlon 64 3800+, and a 7800GS AGP, with no issues at all, and that is with 95% of the bennys turned on to full!
Yeah I've got Morrowind too, it's one of my fave games ever! Still doesn't help me with this problem tho! :)

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