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ObjectDock1.0 doesnt always hide taskbar

i thought i posted this before.. oh well

im wondering what i can use to get rid of the desktop.. it pops up sometimes when i tell it not to (using Object Dock option)...

i have a start menu docklet, so im not worried about losing functionality.. what do you suggest that doesnt take up much ram, and just gets rid of the windows taskbar?

thanks in advance for your input.


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Hmm... you can grab the edge and drag it to the bottom. There will be a very thin line, but it won't ever pop up on you.


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I posted already for you on vb3 I think concerning this topic...

just use the hide taskbar option in OD options.. you can dl various docklets for your tasks but you can't see the notification icons unfortunately...
yeah, the small "active" icons dont show up, like Norton Anti Virus.

kinda sucks, but i can live with it. the problem with using the option to hide the task bar, is that with some programs it comes right back up, when i told it not to.

should i go for 'Visual Styles' crack and do some of that, or would a different program block the taskbar easier?


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well... try this cheap hack :D

unlock taskbar... drag it so its not visible... lock it again... hide it using object dock...

next time you have an app that brings focus to the taskbar it should not popup and take away the focus like it does when the taskbar is 'hidden'

you will notice that OD doesnt exactly disable taskbar when you click on the hide taskbar option :)

its more like it just makes it completely tranparent :D

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