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O&O Defrag - ghey!?


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I'm trying to test O&O on my machine and McAfee Internet Security alerts me about the app trying to access the internet. If I deny the request, I'm unable to use the defrag app in anyway.

Why do I have to have an internet connection in order to use the damn software? This is just stupid.


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Hmmm, ok thats odd, if your testing a Defrag, and its trying to get onto the internet I would only let it, if you set it up on its own subnet. That way, its not giving someone a decent view of your entire network. OR... the other option is make a clean install on a PC other than that one (assuming thats the one you use all the time) then who cares if it goes to the internet, so long as you dont have the other machines on your network :)
hope this helps!


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Just enable the request and don't worry about it. I've been using O&O for some time now with no problems at all. I don't think it is attempting to access the internet and I did run across this subject before, but can't remember where :)


only time i checked out O&O defrag.. during a boot defrag, it ever so kindly wiped out the MFT on all drives..

thank god for runtimes getdataback ;)

<< - diskeeper on laptop and DAW
<< - winxp built defrag on server (only one that can defrag mft live, no reboots needed ;)

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