O/Clocking 3g barton probs


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18 Dec 2001
Hi got a asus a7n8delux & 3g barton with 2x256ddr400,everytime i try to o/clock,well set the memory 1:1 100% it wont boot up i o/c it about a month back and it worked fine,then i put it back to normal then,and sugguestions.The fsb is fine,and the multiplyer but as soon as i alter the memory to 1:1 it wont boot.Help.thanks :(
is it overheating? ie powering up briefly then powering off?
Is that 3 gig (unlikely) or XP 3000? XP 3000 is near the top end for the Barton processors so don't expect to get too much more speed out of it. Are you changing the multiplier or the FSB. If you're raising the FSB with memory at 400mhz the memory may be quitting.

If it worked witht he same settings a few months back check the CPU HSF, RAM, Chipset for dust build. If it is dusty get soem electronics "duster" and blow them clean. I recommend you do this in the gaarge or outside. That **** is nasty when inhaled. The 50-52 C is kinda high for a system at idle. Mid 40''s would be better.

Under full load its 50-52c,idle 41-44,also checked for dust,but it is all ok,would trying some corsair memory improve things.Thanks

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