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Just joined. If "ribbed.us" doesn't show up in the stats, my firewall is probably blocking packets, or I didn't sign up correctly. I'm having it run on my Slackware machine as a background process. After first run, I entered ribbed.us as a username and the team number. Does the project automatically create a user ribbed.us?
well yes... but you will not show up on the team list till you actually submit your first work unit...

soon as you do you will show up :)

thanks to everyone who has joined up so far...
Do same nicknames conflict? For example, would it send my results and put them under another Ragnarok? Just wondering, because there's a "Ragnarok" on www.overclockers.com team, but I put myself as "RagnaroK" on this team.
am not sure.. generally the WU's you submit will go to the team you choose and you will get certificates for your work (digital ofcourse) if you choose...

am not sure about the naming conventions...
Don't use the same name as someone else. Since there is no password or anything, both people using the same name will have shared workunits. I'm not sure if the names are case-sensitive, but I don't think they are. You're better off using something else altogether...perhaps, [NTFS]Ragnarok or something like that.
yah you show up on the list for the team now :)

congrats on your first submissions..
Well, I just got this working. The Linux folding client doesn't seem to work well on 2.6.2 Linux kernels. I'm suspecting it doesn't know how to write properly to reiserfs file systems. I always ran into kernel panics with 2.6.2. It works on 2.4.x kernels fine and have it running on a couple of machines now.
hope you have fewer problems with the next client release vern... thanks for joining up btw.. :)

fyi for those using the force SSE command I have posted... your WU points total will be less than when completing WU's w/o using this command (look @ my totals :D)

completely remove f@h and all related folders and reinstall the app to get higher score's per WU but keep in mind the WU's will not be completed @ the same speed..

once again... cheers to all for signing up... @ this rate we should soon be in the top 2000 teams out there...

if you don't already have f@h installed... read the first post of this thread for an overview and remember... you can set this program to run in the background with barely any cpu usage... its all upto you

Gave up waiting - joined anyway, but still searching for ET as well.... :p
Doing pretty well on my work machine. Went ahead and joined at home now. :cool:
How many of us...

are there that signed up? I see eleven in the team rankings but is that everyone or does it only show the top workers - anyone know?
Mainframeguy said:
are there that signed up? I see eleven in the team rankings but is that everyone or does it only show the top workers - anyone know?

I'm guessing it is the entire team.
hey hey hey Xsiv just popped up on team list - but I have done a work unit too and I am joined so what about me?

Then again maybe it's revenge because I had to end task on the thing while I was trying to defrag my secondary drive? I'll be honest though that is the first compat. problem I have had with folding... so my advice is stop foldng when you defrag!
Make sure your team # is 35216 otherwise, I dunno why you are not showing up.
xsivforce said:
Make sure your team # is 35216 otherwise, I dunno why you are not showing up.
Yeah - it is - and I know what problem is, although it surprises me. Problem is I had to "end task" on the app when my system went unstable and although I was arounf 80% complete it "lost" all the work! So I have had to start a new work unit, hey ho.... such is life.
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