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12 Apr 2002
New thread has been started here


All right ladies and gents. Since we seemed to have a pretty decent response I went ahead and created a team page for us to join onto.

Currently we have no active anything's so lets change that :D

I should be able to contribute my first work-unit shortly.

Our team page == http://vspx27.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/main.py?qtype=teampage&teamnum=35216

Our "fast" team page == http://fah-web.stanford.edu/teamstats/team35216.html

Some tips on improving per unit point totals are located here and here

To join, simply go to http://www.stanford.edu/group/pandegroup/folding/ and download the client. Once you have installed the client enter your username and then enter the team number. Our team number is 35216 so make sure you put that in there to contribute your work units (WU's) to the team.

The application has a small resource footprint and can be set to use minimal resources (recommended) or slightly more to speed things up. Depends on your general usage and if it is creating any lag. You can choose to run the client when you choose or have it startup with windows and run in the background.

The client can be closed @ any time and/or be set as a psuedo-screensaver. In this mode you just maximise the display to full screen and it works like a screensaver however to save power its best to turn your monitor off either manually or in powersave mode, the display does not speed things up.

This is all for a good cause since it helps cellular research and it is also just using up your processors spare cycles. So join in the fun and enjoy :cool:

Th Gadgets below are for Vista Users ONLY. Vista Folding Gadget for single-core, dual-core, dual-gpu and cpu/gpu combinations. Just install on your side-bar

> Click here <



-edit 1- changed to updated url...
-edit 2- updated team name...
-edit 3- added link to help get better point totals
-edit 4- updated team name again
-edit 5- updated with Net's folding Gadget


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yipee :)

we'll start seeing names on the list once the WU's are submitted

joined, but I have had to up my CPU fan speed to keep it at the same temp so I dont know how long I will keep it running
Joined. :)
I had to move the CPU usage slider down quite a bit to keep the temps of my laptop within control though. Might make the crunching quite slow.
I'll also install it on my desktop at home when I get a chance so that I can have one machine utilizing 100% idle CPU time.
The breast cancer one that Lonman started years ago, f*cked up my machine so I won't be joining this one

the client is not known to cause any problems per se AFAIK...

if there are problems I spose we can report them in this or a related thread and you can take a look/see if you are still interested jewelzz...
NetRyder said:
Joined. :)
I had to move the CPU usage slider down quite a bit to keep the temps of my laptop within control though. Might make the crunching quite slow.
I'll also install it on my desktop at home when I get a chance so that I can have one machine utilizing 100% idle CPU time.

you know... it has never used 100% of my cpu's cycles... :confused:

however when I check the specs in taskmanager... one theoretical cpu is almost 80% and the other is @ around 20%... generally around 50% combined usage...
I've set the slider back to the extreme right now, just to experiment with what the best balance is. It's using 100% of my CPU time again when I'm not doing anything else. There's definitely no slowdown when using other apps, since it just uses idle time, but my temps have gone up to a constant 75C, as compared to an idle temp of around 50C when I don't have it running. (this is a desktop P4 2.4GHz in a laptop, btw)
I'll leave it at 100% until the first work unit is complete, but I'll have to decide on what setting to use after that. The temps are worrying me. =\
Joined...man it does hammer the CPU cycles, but there's
been no noticable slowdown yet.
hehe, click on his name, and you'll see he's been up to more than that ;)
massive contribution over 3 groups :D
actually I only got partial credit for one of the wu's since it was 95% completed for the team I was crunching it for before :(

but yah these are minor... some WU's give you over 100 points towards the team :D

btw lads and ladies... there is no requirement for you to crunch @ 100% and leave computer on at all times and what not... I have set max usage @ 80%.. feel free to set @ whatever level you wish...

and don't be intimidated by the teams with lads who have over 500 WU contributions :cool:
Alright, I have the client set up on my desktop at home as well. :)
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