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nView/Twinview Problem!!!!!!



I have tried several drivers and continue to have the same problem. Current driver is 29.42. The problem in question being that when I click the Settings Tab for the Display Properties it only shows one monitor/TV. I have my cable connected properly to my tv from the tv-out feature on my card. I can clone the desktop and do a vertical and horizontal span, but only rarely will it show the two monitors/TV so I can extend my desktop and have the option to have sperate and independent desktops. By this I mean that I could be playing a game on my tv while I surf the net or play my favorite tune in WMP on my pc monitor. Any suggestions on what might be the problem.
I didn't think the GF2 had 2 RAMDACS. My GF2 GTS only allowed either a monitor OR a TV, but not both at the same time due to there being only one RAMDAC.

Anway, the software will only "pick up" the other device if the cables are connected. It must "read" the input impedance of the jack or something. You said the cables were hooked up, but did you try another video RCA cable, or are using S-video? It could possibly be one of the cables is bad.

One thing I have had happen to me is that the s-video plug was big and my AGP card was not was not quite centered in the card slot when I screwed it on, so the big plug would not get seated all the way. I would make sure that all cables are seated correclty and if you have a spare set of cable, try them.


well here's an update to the post discussion. if i have my tv-out connected to my tv before my system boots up it works. i can play a game on my tv and surf the net on my monitor or vice versa!
Hmmm, that DOES make sense, although I never do that. I ususally "hot plug" the cable in. It is probably better and recommended that you do plug it in while the PC is shut down though.


TV/Monitor view at the same time!

Try the link below and download the excellent prog TV-Tool.
I helped me a loooot!


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