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NVIDIA & Vista Remote Desktop

Electronic Punk

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I am using Windows Vista Ultimate to connect to my home Windows Vista Ultimate machine at home.

6800 Ultra connecting to (two) 7800s.
Every now and then, but frequently enough to be annoying the screen will go completely back on the host machine and I have to close remote desktop and reopen it from where I was.

I also have an Acer Ferrari with an ATI card integrated (also on Vista ultimate) and this doesn't happen so I am thinking it is an issue with NVIDIA drivers on the connecting machine.

Has anyone else experienced these issues? Both 'NVIDIA' machines are using 101.41 and have everything Windows Update has wanted to chuck at them (other than dreamscene or whatever they decided to call it)
nvidia drivers don't interact with remote desktop, however they do crash Vista more often than is comfortable if they go into standby mode and you try waking the machine up to do stuff.

Electronic Punk

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Well I remember something Robert Mclaws or Steve Sinchack said that if you RD to a desktop that is running in Vista from Vista, if your local machine is capable of using Aero it will show aeroin the RDP session, even if your host can't do Aero!

Doesn't work at the moment but I have seen it working, so makes me think there must be some interaction.

Eitehr way, hoping for some NVIDIA drivers soon.

Electronic Punk

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Well it also counts as Q2, but I don't see the R600 :p
(not that I would ever dream of abandoning NVIDIA after they were so good to early adopters)

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