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nVIDIA System Utility and my system

Hi all

I just downloaded the new nVIDIA System Utility and was wondering based on my specs below what i can overclock my machine to with no heat problems or glitches etc. My Memory type btw is PC2100 DDR

Pic is attached, the screenshot is the default settings btw





Boogie Nights...!
Ooh...didnt know about that tool. Thanks.

Need more specifics on your RAM (make, type etc)

How come mine looks like this compared to yours though..
Mite be cos ur motherboard is a newer Nforce one than mine or youve changed one of the settings showing you the graphs etc, but does anyone know wat i can set mine to wit no problems or too much heat? cos inside my comp its bout 63 round the processor area.
My Motherboard is supported and i am running NVIDIA System Utility 1.08.5 im just curios as to what based on my specs i can Overclock to.
ok ive looked over the net n still cant find anything to indicate what i can an cannot overclock to so any advice or tips etc? or someone who has my motherboard cud help me?... pls? lol


There not too bar are they?

Heres how hot it is now... (Look @ pic)

Really dont know how to cool it down as its my Graphics card causing the extreme heat, but im gettin rid soon for NV40, Incidently how much could i sell my FX5800 Ultra for? From benchmarks it runs damn near close to 5900 ultra.

And also i wud still like to know roughly what i cud overclock the system to pls




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