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Nvidia nforce onboard soundcard problem

I have an Epox 8rda+ Nforce2 motherboard, and when I play games, sometimes after awhile the sound will get distorted, and have a bunch of static sounding with it, almost robotic sounding. I plugged my head phones directly into the sound card, and it still does it.

Its pretty random, sometimes i will go weeks without a problem, other times I will get it every day, but after i close the program and go back in its fine, but I hate having to do that everytime it happens. I have got the latest drivers and everything. My question is, is it a bad soundcard? or is their drivers just not running well with my machine? (I run XP btw)


hardware monkey
some people report problems with their onboard sound getting distorted after playing games for a while, but i thought this only applied to those boards with Soundstorm audio as it's a case of the southbridge getting too hot. your board has a seperate realtek audio chip so i'm not so sure that's your problem.

i guess i'd blame the driver..?

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