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NVIDIA NDIS IO Control Driver - Help

Dennis T

OSNN Junior Addict
When looking though Event Viewer, I found the following error.

The NVIDIA NDIS IO Control Driver service failed to start due to the
following error:
The system cannot find the file specified.

I've done search after search to find a solution, without any luck. There
appears to be no problems with my system, but I would like to find some help
with this.

I'm using Windows XP Pro w/ SP2, I use an NVIDIA Geforce FX 6800GT

I just do not like mysteries :)


OSNN One Post Wonder
Hi, Dennis.

I don't have a solution for you, but I thought you'd like to know I've been getting the same messages too. I have the same card (dual-DVI ports variety) running under Win2k3.

I'll post under here if I find anything out, and I hope you might too.



OSNN One Post Wonder
The only thing I'd add is that I had the NVIDIA DVD Decoder software installed at one point, but it was interfering with my ability to edit MPEGs in my favorite MPEG editing program, so I uninstalled it. That's the only salient thing that comes to mind. I find it puzzling that there's reference to a file being missing, but no explicit mention of which file it is that's missing. *shrugs*


OSNN One Post Wonder
Hi, I have an answer to get rid of what appears to be sloppy installation by Nvidia. The error is caused by a service entry in the registry (presumbly by the Nvidia DVD Decoder install as I didn't have this problem until I installed it) which you have to remove using either regedit or regedt32. Find the following entry and remove it entirely:


the error message will then disappear. If you get the error "can't find file" id DEFINETLY isn't doing anything for you. :) Note this Nvidia DVD decoder is still beta. Suggest we avoid it until it isn't beta. ;-)

Jonah A. Libster


OSNN One Post Wonder
Thanks very much. I saw that there was no corresponding service in the Services applet and promptly deleted the registry entry. Cheers!

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