Nvidia Mid Range Cards are here


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25 Jan 2003
Reviews and benchies at Toms and The Register for 8600GTS, 8600GT and 8500GT.

8600GTS from evga, xfx, gigbyte for sale at Newegg for $209-229.

8600GTS is ~$210 at half the spec's of an 8800GTS 320.
-Hardware DX10 support is included
-They all incorporate improved Video playback processing.
-The GTS incorporates HDCP standard the rest HDCP is optional.
-Memory interface is choked down to 128 BITs.
-FPS performance falls off fast with higher resolutions and AA/AF.
I read the 8600 isn't as good as what they hoped for.
Yeah it got my hopes up until I saw the benchies - I'm gonna wait for the geforce 9 series :)
Still waiting for 8300 GS&GT .. that model should be perfect for my needs ..
I'm waiting on the 8600 Ultra. I'm hoping it will be mid way between the 8800 GT 320 and the 8600 GTS. That should be the sweet spot for price/performance.

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