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Nvidia Mid Range Cards are here

Reviews and benchies at Toms and The Register for 8600GTS, 8600GT and 8500GT.

8600GTS from evga, xfx, gigbyte for sale at Newegg for $209-229.

8600GTS is ~$210 at half the spec's of an 8800GTS 320.
-Hardware DX10 support is included
-They all incorporate improved Video playback processing.
-The GTS incorporates HDCP standard the rest HDCP is optional.
-Memory interface is choked down to 128 BITs.
-FPS performance falls off fast with higher resolutions and AA/AF.
I'm waiting on the 8600 Ultra. I'm hoping it will be mid way between the 8800 GT 320 and the 8600 GTS. That should be the sweet spot for price/performance.

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