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Nvidia GeForce4 Ti 4200


The One and Only
i have a GeForce 4 Ti 4200 made by PNY. does anyone know where to find a guide to connecting EVERYTHING i would need from the back of my computer to the back of my TV? i know about the S-Video cable, which i have and know how to connect (duh:cool: ) but i can never seem to get sound from my computer to the tv.

Gus K

NTFS abuser
You would get the sound from your sound card=> audio in on your TV. You would need an adaptor (stereo) from mini to 2 RCA jacks. Older sound cars had 2 outputs, these days most have one, which you are using for your computer speakers. So you will need an additional adapter/spliiter there also. Or switch cables when neccessary.

If you have your stuff routed through your reciever, send your sound card output to one of it's inputs. You'll then also be able to play your mp3's on your stereo.

Take a peek here:
or you can just get a stereo 1/8" mini jack-to-RCA "Y adapter" and put it from your output on your computer to you RCA inputs on your TV.


The One and Only
i know that, i have everything i would need, jus won't play sound for some reason, even after having everything hooked up where it should be, or at least where i THINK it should be


The One and Only
Gus, jus looked at that site. gonna try hooking up to stereo when i get home. in school now. that is if i can get to the back of the stereo to SEE the connections. wish me luck on finding them. lol. so little space to move stereo reciever thingy. lol

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