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Nvidia GeForce4 Ti 4200 Blue Dots!



I have an 128mb Nvidia GeForce4 Ti 4200 running on an Athlon 2200XP machine. I am having a problem with the display on some applications (mainly games). This takes the form of a symmetrical grid of small blue dots appearing across the screen. I can this problem when using PowerDVD by right clicking and enabling hardware acceleration under 'configuration'. However, when my kids are playing 'the Sims' and other games the same problem occurs but this solution is not possible (there is no configuration in the menu when I right click. Similarly the graphics tweaking options within the cgame are very limited). Are there any possible fixes anyone can suggest. I have downloaded the latest Nvidia drivers and am using Direct x 9. The diagnostic tool is showing no problems.
Roll back to the 41.09 drivers. With Nvidia the latest is not the stablest. They have been tweaking for speed at the cost of stability and quality since last spring.

You could also try the 44.03 that was the last WHQL certified driver but I still recommend the 41.09.

If the driver roll back doesn't work it could be the card having thermal problems. Make sure your system is adequately vented. MB temps should be below 40 deg C.

Take the case side off and run with it that way for a while to see if the problems go away. If they do look at adding better case cooling. There should be at least one intake fan in the front and an exhaust fan in the rear (in addition to the power supply fan).
When you start running games and high performance video cards cooling becomes an improtant issue.


Thanks Lee
I unistalled the drivers with a view to reinstalling the version that you suggested. Before doiong so I tried out one of the games which was giving problems. This was an old game (Monkey Island 2) that is not graphics intensive and coule be run straight from the CD. It works fine in this way onanother machine with XP installed.

Even using the main board graphics without the Nvidea card I still had the problem of dots which were visible in the display. I am now of the view that there might be a software conflict and was wondering if a reinstall might do the trick. Would this wipe out previous versions of Direct x and allow me to start with a 'clean sheet' so to speak.

What would youadivse?
Thanks again

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