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Nvidia Geforce 9800GX2


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has nvidia released the new drivers for it? I read in a magazine about the current drivers having compatibility issues between the card and some games. I think they managed to test crysis and fear on it though.

Edit: Ah, nevermind, looks like I was only reading a preview of the card, rather than an actual review :)
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So from what I have been reading they basically have just put together to 8880GTX's together into one card, with not much performance improvement. I was thinking that these cards were the next big thing, I guess I was wrong. But having SLI in one card would be nice.


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For the money they cost, I think you get much more bang-for-buck from the 9800GTX. There are few deals to be had if you look around and if you wait a month or so I'm sure the prices will drop a little.

I went for the 9800GTX, it's so cool!


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The 9800GTX is typically the same or slower than an 8800GTX. The GX2 will therefore be the faster card.

The 9800GTX however is supposed to be relatively cool and quiet.


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So when is the next, nextgen card coming out? 10 Series?....

Now that is what I can't wait for lol

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