nvidia forceware 5x.xx driver problems


Kenya believe it...
12 Sep 2002
I'm having problems with my GeForce 4 ti 4200 and forceware 5x.xx drivers. As every now again my desktop will go all funny as if its stretching my desktop over 2 monitors, even though I have only got 1 monitor and the only way to return it normal is to change the res or log out of windows and log back in again. I never had this problem with the 4x.xx dets. Any ideas why it would happen with 5x.xx drivers and not the 4x.xx drivers?


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you pretty much answered yourself.. roll back:p
I would roll back but some of the new games/demos don't work with the 4x.xx drivers
Some place the duel view option is proly turned on or is geting enabled randomly by something. Some place in the windows controll panel and the nvidia controll panel stuff there is options for this stuff.

I notice mIRC is running and burred deep in it's settings there is an option to enable duel view. I never herd of it bing a problem but find it and check if it iis enabled.

heh if you plug the monitor into the other header can you see the other side of the screen? :) odds are the second header is a DVI conector so if yer monitor is SVGA you would need an adapter to plug it in and see.

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