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nvidia drivers

Hello, I have an Asus v7700 Geforce2 video card. The only driver Asus has is in beta. Do the nvidia drivers (23.11) direct from the nvidia site work on any geforce2 chipset or should i stick with the ones from Asus?
ya, the manufacturer specific nvidia drivers sometimes add a wee bit of performance difference, but not much since nvidia did their unified driver architecture where all drivers are pretty much the same

hence why you can use the same drivers for a geforce mx/2/3 and so on

da rock

i'm using the 23.11's w / my inno geforce2 ti ,but as far as performance goes i can't really say that they're any better than
the version you have, if you don't have any probs. w / the ones
that came w/ the card then changing them is simply a matter of

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The 23.12 drivers were never released onto teh NVidia site, and have since been pulled by Asus (I think) as a serious error was found that increased the crashing loop problems.

da rock

go to www.anandtech.com,the 23.12's are there,but from what
i read they don't seem to be much different than the 23.11's.
they may or may not be buggy so if you're not having any probs w/ the stock drvs from asus then changing to the 23.11's might
not make enough of a difference to install em.
Thanks guys...

I was just asking because I had a problem with a certain game and customer support wanted me to try the lastest video driver updates. The Asus drivers did work fine by the way, no difference in performance from the ones at Asus and the 23.11s.


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