NVIDIA drivers for Vista RTM. Finally!

Now I can buy an 8800. Or wait for the R600... Decisions, decisions.
R600 is delayed again last I heard, unlikey to be out before June I'd guess.
The so called 'RTM" Nvidia Drivers

Have anyone read the release notes for this? They should have left the 'Beta' label on them - they should be ashamed to call these full-featured. Looks like no Vista for me still... My Macbook's Intel 945 Graphics runs Vista better than my NVidia GF6800GT!
Re: The so called 'RTM" Nvidia Drivers

If they're not full-featured then I believe the appropriate term is 'alpha' :)

I'm only playing hehe. What's the problem with them?
Re: The so called 'RTM" Nvidia Drivers

Here are all the limitations with this 'RTM' driver. Not only is there STILL no support for their DX10 flagship, the 8xxx series GPUs, they don't even support their main selling point - SLI. Also, in the day and age of high-end graphics, they don't support AA!
Limitations in This Release
The following are features that are not currently supported or have limited
support in this driver release:
• Refresh Rate Precision
The current driver programs the hardware timing for a 59.94 Hz refresh rate
to be the same as the timing used for a 60 Hz refresh rate.
• Pan & Scan
This driver does not support the Pan & Scan feature. (Pan & Scan is the
process of panning across the desktop in order to display a desktop on a
monitor with lower resolution).
• DirectX Antialiasing
The NVIDIA Control Panel does not offer full antialiasing support for
DirectX applications. NVIDIA Control Panel antialiasing should be set to
Application-controlled to ensure compatibility with all DirectX applications.
• Full-featured HDMI Support

The following are known problems that will be fixed in a future driver
• There are some known image quality issues.
• Noise and pixel corruption occur under Clone or Dualview modes.
• Only stereo audio is supported; 5.1 surround is not supported.
• INF Support for Restricted Timings
This driver version does not support the use of Restricted Timing settings
(R&T strings) in the INF to control mode validation and/or mode setting for
custom mode/adapter/monitor combinations. This capability is planned for
a later driver release.
• Display rotation
The NVIDIA Control Panel does not include display rotation controls.
• Overscan/Underscan Support
The ability to display the entire desktop on a TV is not supported—the
desktop will be masked instead.
• Advanced Timings, Custom Resolutions
This driver does not support adding arbitrary resolutions and timings.
• Mode Filtering for Custom Policies
This driver does not support defining advanced timings and resolution
This driver does not support the Serial Display Interface (a standard for
driving high color depth displays).
• Genlock/Frame Lock
This driver does not support the ability to synchronize multiple display
outputs with an external signal.
• NVIDIA SLI Technology
This release is intended to serve as a functional preview for application
porting purposes, and not as a performance driver.
• NVIDIA TurboCache
The driver is capping Shared System Memory at 255 MB on systems with 1
GB of system memory, and at 271 MB on systems with 2 GB or more of
system memory. An upcoming driver will increase this amount of memory.
Optimum performance will not be achieved with low frame buffer
TurboCache graphics cards.
Features Not Yet Available in the NVIDIA Control Panel
Support for the following control panel features is under development and not
yet available under Windows Vista:
• Display Category
• Run display optimization wizard
• Change resolution attributes
• Move CRT screen position
• Manage custom timings
• Run multiple display wizard
• Change flat panel scaling
• Rotate display
• Adjust desktop color settings
• Video & Television Category
• Adjust video color settings
• Run television setup wizard
• Adjust television color settings
• Adjust screen size and position
• 3D Settings Category
• Set SLI configuration
• Set multi-GPU configuration
What have been people's experiences using these drivers?
Had some flickering in games before, that went. UAC dialog pops up faster and smoother (yes i still run UAC :p), smoother windows animations in general. Not noticed any cpu spikes either
Just so you guys know Vista x86/x64 100.30 drivers for the 8800's were leaked earlier this week. With a simple .inf hack they work with other cards too. People have been waiting for these X series drivers for months now. Preliminary responses from people is that they are a big buggy, not everything works... but they are leaps and bounds better than anything else. Performance wise they are right at XP levels.

x86 Vista Driver:

x64 Vista Driver:
Had some flickering in games before, that went. UAC dialog pops up faster and smoother (yes i still run UAC :p), smoother windows animations in general. Not noticed any cpu spikes either

hmmmm that sounds like some of the bugs that were annoying me. UAC flicker drove me nuts, especially since my Mac's Intel graphics chip could handle Vista better than my Nvidia. Does this mean the kop48 is about to switch to Vista? Only time will tell.

Seriously, though, that WPF Yahho thing is pretty sweet. It'll be cool to see more of WPF applications mature. The only thing left for me to install Vista is that Creative actually release some decent drivers for Audigy.
It says the driver isn't up to par yet for anything that's NOT Series 8 chipsets. :(
Yeah, think I am running 100.54 at home but haven't had much of a chance to play.

Its the same version, apparently, that will hopefully be the same version that NVIDIA will release but maybe WHQL signed (but definately still beta)

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