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nVidia driver Version WHQL



what is this driver? Ive got my 40.41 dets installed, do I need this driver? Its showing up in my windows update, device drivers section.... I remeber installing something like this before on my old win98 machine, and I remeber the graphics in games like q2 became more vibrant and vivid, but it suffered from some horrible tearing and ripping.....

should i install this driver?


its the non-beta dets, whereas the 40.41, 40.51, and 40.71 are beta status, and non-whql certified.
chances are you dont, all the windows update thing is tryin to do is get you to use the WHQL drivers, but the 40.xx drivers are much better, though still kind of in the beta stage. When I say this I mean that if you goto the nvidia site and goto Windows2k/XP drivers then you will see the 30.87 drivers there.

I would say stick with what you got, they are fine and prob better than the 30.87 ones.


I've got the latest drivers from the Nvidia site which are 30.82 , I'm also getting this prompt to update to 30.87.

But if you go to the nvidia site the latest ones are 30.82
Tried the above drivers and...

I am using 40.72 drivers so i uninstalled and reinstalled 30.87 and ran 3d mark 2001se score was as follows...

40.72 =12150

30.87 =11187

i know which i am keeping !

P4 2.4b overclocked to 2574 (18 *143fsb)
GF4 Ti4200 64mb overclocked to 580/590
512 DDR 333,
Shuttle Barbones SS51G (check it out here http://www.materiel.net/details_SS51G.html )
IBM 120Gb HD.


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the general idea would be if it ain't broke don't fix it...

if your drivers are working fine you don't NEED to do anything though from time to time a very excellent set of drivers comes along and optimizes everything...

quality or speed is your preference... I prefer quality over speed because as long as I get my 100 fps thats fast enough for me... what am I going to do with 300 fps?

btw benches are synthetic... most people crank up their bus speeds to levels they normally will never use full time for their benches...

40.72 quality are fine

The brightness problems from the 40.41 drivers have been fixed in the 40.71/72 drivers which had caused problems with quake 3 and games on that engine being really dark and poor quality.

I agree that they are not perfect ...the control panel is not 100% working also cannot access digital vibrance.

And even with my settings which remain the same ..not for just benchmarking my frames do drop down to the 40`s on unreal 2003 maxed out when alot of action is on the screen also medal of honor is a greedy monster to run.
But for GF4 users i reccomend them.

Adawa Kisai

I did the update, and it messed things up but good. Much crashing insued. Maybe the 30.87 and my system don't get along. Also the 40.41 dropped about 800 3dmarks of my score when I switched from the 28.32, weird eh? I went back to the 28.32, it's been mucho stable.

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