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nvidia configuration problems



i used to be running xp pro and my nvidia card was working just fine, but when i upgraded ( sidegraded) to .net server (don't ask why) i could no longer configure the card.

i seem to remember that you could get to the nvidia settings somewhere in the display settings, but i don't remember exactly where. I thought there was a button under advanced proberties, but it's not there now.
Anyone know where this is SUPPOSED to be?
has anyone else had this bizzare problem?
am i simply going insane?


anyone know what registry settings coolbits uses? (to overclock the card without using the settings window at all)?

and yes, i am using the fixed drivers issued today...
It's most likely that the drivers just aren't made for .net the nvidia panels should show up in your display properties even without the coolbits tweak though. Have you tried "completely" uninstalling the drivers and re-installing? I know sometimes that will restore the panels.


ok, i think i'm finally going insane......

i re-installed with xp pro (not intentionally) and i still can't find where the card settings are....

could someone tell me, in simple, monosylable words that a man who has gone insane can understand, where the Nvdia card settings are at?

i *thought* they were under the advanced menu of the display settings, but i guess not....

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