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nVidia 61.77 Driver


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Sorry, not a harware issue but involves Graphics Cards and drivers.

To all GForce 4/FX users.
Has anyone downloaded and installed nVidia's latest drivers (61.77)?
I've tried installing this on two machines, one with GF4 Ti4200 and one with GF FX5200. However, on both machines, it changed the resolution to 8 bits and 640x480. No matter how I try to change the settings to the preferred 1024x768 or 32bit colour, it'll always revert back to the 8 bit 640x480 setting without actually changing anything at all.

Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem.


There is no answer!
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no i installed it on my machine i also installed it when i had a 5600 fx and it was fine, try removing the previous graphics drivers first and see if that helps otherwise keep to a previous version, this one really only adds support for the 6200+ and shader 3.0

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