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Nvidia 60 Series Forceware

Hi all

Just Wondering When the Official 60's Will be released?

Ive got the 61.40's at the mo (Beta) there good but there r bugs in them. Any Newer ones than this i heard the 61.50's are floating around with a majourity of the bugs fixed anyone got a link?

Also People are sayin that 16x AF and AA dont work in these drivers on cards other than the 6800 series, however wen i got my fx5800 Ultra with the PNY Drivers they Listed 16x AA and AF in april last year, and they both worked as it was blatenly obv due to quality, however the drivers r over a yr old so wudnt install um now lol.


I dunt kno how soon teh forkware drivar is comming out, but it's prolley pritty son. Teh Anitalisaling 16x wuz spozed to work, but they (as in teh DRIVAR!!!) hav been reverting to 8x or 4x even when yuo set them to 16x, so teh drivar doesat care what yuo set it too lol

so yeh
o rite so its the Driver not Currently support Previous Cards Rather than Previous Cards such as my fx5800 ultra not bein able to have 16AF Rite o, n i want the 60 series now lol
lol for rillz! mabe they will gtet it out soon. i used teh forcewear 60 driver back in 1999 but i dont remembar what they called in that tiem perid. NOt forecewar i know that. n teh drivars were sux so i dint like them that much

Hopefaly no moer crap liek when they put out that POS Foercware 40 drivar. I want 200 FPS in theif3 lolz
Station Drivers List The 61.50 Drivers on the top of there Site? but its really not there, y have they done this? Well Teased me to look lol
These drivers at Guru3D are coming out every other week. Can't keep up. I'm using
61.11 right now and I'm pretty happy with it running my FX 5200 128. I noticed a 10-15% game performance improvement with Far Cry and Hitman Contracts running this Forceware driver. And at 82,659 downloads its been the hottest Forceware driver since the 56.55 driver. Almost quadrupling the majority of Forceware drivers
Im Usin the 61.40 Drivers, There Really Good, Performance Gains Everywhere, However There r Distance Bugs and a Shadowing Bug on the Ogre Demo, Where By Textures Become Very Pixelated the Further away they are, and the Shadow on the Ogre is not complete its also Liney and Pixelated. I really Want a New Set Of Drivers, i dont fancy installin the 56.72 Officials Again as i cant use Nview with them as it causes alot of Mouse Lag on the Desktop For me. Also Does anyone use the 61.40? As your Graphics Card Fan May Stop Working during a period of time when your playing games, me with my Loud FX5800 Ultra can tell when this Happens, its Quite Worrying but the Fan Comes on again after 5mins, Perhaps its supposed to happen as it only does it at 50 Degrees then fan shuts off in 3d mode and runs in 2d Mode, but when Temp Goes Back over 60 for example it soon Kicks in and then goes off again around the 50 mark.
Ok the 61.40 Drivers are good but games r gettin annoyin now cos of the texture Quality Becoming Pixelated, so i was wondering Which Drivers Are Better the 61.32 or the 61.34? Which has least bugs? and also Is there a really good Program Which Removes Nvidia Drivers Totally so i can Install Either 61.32 or 34 pls?


Ever since I upgraded to 60 series from 56.72, I've had improvements on my FX5600XT (<-- Piece of ****). From 56.72 to 61.40 I got 100 extra 3D Marks (in 3D Mark 03), and 10 more FPS on average in UT2004 (I run 800x600 with everything up as high as it will go, and used to get 30-40, now get 40-50 most of the time), Far cry runs visibly better (don't know how to turn on an FPS counter, I run it in 800x600, texture and water detail high, everything else low). From 61.40 to 61.71 I got another 100 3D Marks, and Far Cry runs a bit better again, dunno about UT2004 cos I haven't tried it again yet, but will soon. I have also downloaded the 61.80 drivers and DirectX 9.0C, which I will test soon as well.

I have had no problems with games crashing or getting weird stuff like screwed up textures or anything. I have been impressed thus far.
61.80 Drivers have given me another 100 3D Marks, have also just installed DirectX 9.0C, and will go test Far Cry soon.

Waiting with baited breath for the next driver release. Looks like I may have a chance to run HL2 respectably after all.

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