Nvidia 42.30 + 42.51 + 42.70 >>


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I am lost without the E-mail notification:huh:

GF4 Ti4200 went back to 41.09 as the colours on medal of honor spearhead were nasty and washed out on the 42.70.....42.51 was buggy when just benchmarking and had a habit of setting my screen to one side after a reboot.


The 42.70 have the 41.50's readme file........
So are they fake?

I am using the 42.70 drivers now and so far I am happy with them.


u said you're using the 42.70 drivers, do this please and see if it happens to you. be at your desktop, with no windows up and get the display properties up and drag the window around in random movements. while doing this, see if you notice white window trails, like on an older system you would see the window leave trails from dragging it.


OK, I did that and no trails. I have mine set in transparent for the windows however......

I am using a PNY GF4 Ti4600...........
the 42.70 drivers work geat on my system and I see a small boost in performance, but a great difference in image quality. Things seem alot clearer and smother.

3dmark2001: 42.01 9203

42.70 9647

all on default settings and runnning at 1024x768x32

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AGHHHHHHHH crap the new 42.70's dont work on mine I get them installed but the colors are all messed up its like I get 256 color mode ..... tried a couple of times and same results I am using the 41.09's and they are good ..... guess I will wait for the official release of the 42.70's :mad:


NView Problems?

Have any of you tried the Nview with the new drivers? When I installed them, and tried nView to Clone the view on my monitor and TV, movies would not play on the TV. They played fine on my Computer, but the screen was blank on the TV. Anyone else have this problem? I went back to 31.90 Drivers.


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I'm testing the benchmarks on these drivers so far (will edit this post as things change):

Asus GeForce4 Ti 4200 128 MB (AGP 8X)

42.86 -- 11216 (the *exact* benchmark I received on the 41.09 drivers, but this driver set detects my card as a 64 MB card)
42.30 (WHQL) -- 11197 (slight score difference, but this driver also detects my card as a 64 MB card)
42.70 -- 11032 (lower again, slightly, but, performance-wise, these are great! No more sync problems like I've had with all other driver sets I've used. Still says I have a 64 MB card, but, as these benchmarks have shown, it doesn't matter. I'm keeping these drivers for now.)



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42.30 messed the graphics up in medal of honor spearhead.

42.86 fine in all my games.

Both benchmarked the same +/- 100 points.

GF4 Ti420064mb version

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