NVidia 40.41 Drivers

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    Anybody who has dosent have these drivers should get them ASAP. They work a treat, but some people have been having trouble with getting them to work.

    It seems that anybody who has used the older dets will experience problems when trying to access the new control panel, here is how to fix it courtesy of our friends at Warp2Search, and with a little editing as their instructions werent quite right.

    The new 40.41 Detonators' Control Panel doesn't work if you had installed an older Detonator before. To solve the problem, simply delete the 2 obsolete Files nvrsXX.dll in your windows\system32 folder and the nvcpXX.hlp files from your Windows\Help directory, where XX is your language code (en, fr etc) . Additionally the file nvqtwk.dll from older drivers isn't needed anymore so you should also delete it to be sure.

    You should also delete the nvwrsXX.dll (windows\system32)and nvwcpXX.hlp(windows\help).

    I myself deleted all the nvcp, nvnvrs, nvwrs and nvwcp files, but found the help not to work, but i assume if you install the drivers again it will. But hey, at least the control panel works.

    After that sit back relax, run 3D Mark and enjoy lush new scores...
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