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Nvdvd V2.0



Is the new version of nvdvd going to overwipe the the older version and update it or does it require you to pay more money.

Electronic Punk

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I tried updating and it wasn't having any of it, removed the old version... as evga were the only ones to distribute previous versions, contact them and ask about updating - I don't see very much new to warrant paying for this new version to be honest.. I am also have alot of errors in the application itself, tho the filters are working fine!

Seems to be a seperate install

Odd i have both installed at the moment and no problems when playing any divx clips or dvds the new version is much better but seeing as i got version 1.71 free with my graphic card i am not willing to pay out $39.95 for a new one when i have other players installed

maybe its me but $39.95 for this is expensive.


Then in that Case EP i will not be upgrading for the points that you just explained to me but overall if they ever update it where will have new functions then i will be willing to upgrade...

Thnks EP

Electronic Punk

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2.20 is out now.
I am talking to a member of the dev team via AIM about my problem now.

Also asked him about an upgrade to 1.x and will let you know what his reply is.

Electronic Punk

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Electronic Punk: I got a few guys on my forums asking
Electronic Punk: will evga orwhoever distributed the older version 1.x
Electronic Punk: be offering cheaper update?
xxxxxxxxxx: Nope. The reason why NVDVD costs alot is because we are officially supporting NVDVD.
Electronic Punk: well you say alot, but its around the same price as the others
Electronic Punk: except theatertek
xxxxxxxxxx: NVDVD 2.0 will be made available through OEM's and add-in board companies bundled with their products but those versions will be supported by their respective makers
Electronic Punk: which is just rediculous
Electronic Punk: ok
xxxxxxxxxx: Well, NVDVD 2.0 is very feature rich which is very nice.
Electronic Punk: yeah
Electronic Punk: fast to load too
xxxxxxxxxx: But over hear, you can purchase set top DVD players for about $50 so in prespective, that is why I said $39 is a lot.
Electronic Punk: I see
xxxxxxxxxx: The set top players though aren't nearly as good as some nicer models but for most, its good enough.
Electronic Punk: yeah
Electronic Punk: we got a cheap one about a year go
Electronic Punk: very temperamental
xxxxxxxxxx: Yep. I got a Samsung at home but quality so so good compared to a Panasonic a friend has.


Ok.....that seems to solve a lot of things.

Dont know might stick with old NVDVD for now tho :)

Thnks again EP keep me posted on any developments through this post


When using NVDVD, do you experience your taskbar flickering when loading the program? It does for me and is annoying. Any ideas?

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