nVDVD 1.22

My take on it so far --

Image quality is probably the best of any software decoder I've seen. My real issue seems to be whenever I try playing NTSC interlaced video at odd refresh rates. My normal rate is 72 Hz (which I use for a 1:1 display of 24-frame progressive DVDs). When I play 60 Hz interlaced content, it apparently just dumps every twelfth or so frame -- and as a result you get fairly choppy video. You expect some sort of pseudo-inverse-telecine from just about any video application, but it's conveniently left out of NvDVD. I thought DXVA controlled video sync anyway, but I guess I was wrong.

Sound quality is average. I still prefer PowerDVD's audio engine, especially for its (optional) DTS and Pro Logic II support and stellar downmixing options.

Surprisingly, it's only slightly more CPU-intensive than most decoders. However, it's not very graceful under heavy system load; instead of dropping frames it simply freezes, loses synch for a while, then steadily attempts to catch up once resources become available.

All I can personally say about it is that it has potential, but it won't be replacing the other decoders in my system anytime soon. It feels like a beta in many respects, and considering they're about to ship to OEMs, that's not a good sign.
Yeah, still using PowerDVDs audio via a filtergraph in Zoom Player
Originally posted by Electronic Punk
Please remember this is not a free product and is therefore the app or serial are not for distriution here.

what do you mean? i just can't start the player, i think it is my sound card. it runs fine on my parents pc and it has a voodoo and a creative sound card. i use my built in sound on my soyo dragon plus.
I too am getting the error, after installing nvdvd 1.0, and the 1.22 update. As soon as I launch the program it tells me it cannot find the "Nvidia Audio Decoder", which is wierd, because it is in the same folder. So far, I've tried copying the audio and video filters to my system32 directory (I'm running XP Pro), and I've also used regsvr32 to make sure they are registered. There is nothing I can find in the registry that acts as a pointer to the filters, at least not in relation to the nvskins.exe, so I'm not sure what is going on. I do also have Windvd 3 and Powerdvd 4 installed, as well as a TON of other codecs and filters. Nearest I can figure is that maybe there is a conflict with one of the other DVD players? Or perhaps the app requires some function of DX9 and those of us not running the beta are having problems? If anyone has guesses, I'm all ears...
okay let me say it like this if u go look around for it and take some time add it u will find it.
and for all of u who say that u can't use the update from evga to anything without version 1.0 ur wrong! the version u could download from evga included both version 1.0 and 1.22 so u could just download that vesion and install if u had a serial for it.
but here i tell u all like it is.. probaly none of u that are showing screenshots in here have a valid serial key:
i would reconn that u just wen't out and got a hold on the reincoded 1 where u can enter any cd-key u could posably dream of from ur birth date to that ***** terrorist name Osama Bin Laden and it will still install.
so let me just say it like this:
i have a legit evga g-force 4 mx and my card came with a serial for it i just couldnt find it before a guy told me that it was standing in my manual to the card. well i downloaded the update without having version 1.00 but i could install it contains version 1.00 and 1.22 in this version.
and the other version u are refering to is the multi language version which has a file size of 40 mb and this is only 3.
but for anyone who compares this program with the ati player u a missing a couple of things.
this player can't play any other video formats than those contained on a dvd. Ati's player can!
this player can't play music files. Ati's can.
and 3rd:
if has a terefic quality and it use's my gf-4's power to the max to show movies in such high picture quality.
but it will not even become as good as ati's player if they don't make an update which will make it compatible with other media formats and not only dvd movies.
so to all of u who wan'ts this program if u don't have a dvd player forget it use something else.
but don't hold me up on this cause i haven't tried to see if it can run any other movie cd's.
invektus: what I mean is, this app is not free and we won't distribute the serial here...

gizzmo1682: I guess it could be a filter conflict, try removing the other players and seeing if that helps... the app is called nvskins.exe which makes me suspect that it is only a frontend and is actually using its own directshow filters after all, which is not normally the case with DVD players...

lillemand1: I'm not using any kind of hacks with my current setup, tho I did get sent a few, can't speak for everyone on here tho.. And whats your obsesion with Osama Bin Laden???

Anyway, don't know why are you comparing it with the aTi player as they basically boil down to the same thing - mpeg2 filters...ati player is ugly and bloated, install it, grab the filters get zoom player and be done with it... it can play anything.

I think its nice that nVidia have decided to write their own filters, rather than ati who have licenced the new and apparently unstable cineplayer 4.0 filters....

Persides I will only use the video filters as I said above, PowerDVD for audio still...
no, i meant i don't understand how to get wmp to use the nvdvd stuff.
Well when you install it should register the filter for you...

Start Windows Media Player
Menu --> Play --> DVD or CD Audio --> ( select your DVDROM )
Originally posted by lillemand1
so to all of u who wan'ts this program if u don't have a dvd player forget it use something else.

Um ... duh.

And Gizzmo -- I'm afraid I can't recommend anything that you haven't already tried, but I can tell you that it shouldn't have anything to do with other players and/or codecs, as I have many installed as well. It also shouldn't have anything to do with DX9, as I've never installed it. It works fine for me, and it just doesn't seem to for others.

The only other thing I can recommend is a full uninstall and reinstall of your Detonator drivers. It's an odd possibility that something got mangled along the way (possibly with DXVA, as I've known some nVidia owners with XP for whom it was strangely disabled in the registry by default) -- or for that matter, that this only supports certain driver versions (while supporting unhelpful error messages, as software often does). What cards are you guys using, anyway?
lol Electronic punk i have no Obsession with Osama Bin Laden like i wrote but i can't use x-rated words in here but i called him a B.I.T.C.H. well thx for the info think il change the codec. i compared it with ati's player because a guy earlier did and said that this maybe would become even as good as ati's player that's why but enough about that have a blast with program it rox at playing dvd's..
Well they both use DXVA acceleration, ati dvd player will work with any card (recnet I guess) - I don't know if nvdvd will work on other cards, and I hope it doesn't to be honest so nVidia can tweak it ;)
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Joined. Saw this on the front page of the [Hardocp]

I've been here before though, good site.

Thanks for the "invitation"

need some help... got problems with nvdvd

"Nvidia Audio Decoder not found.This Program runs only with Nvidia Decoders."

geforce4 ti4200
1. leaked 30.30 detonators
2. official 29.42 drivers

both times the same error
now i have uninstalled powerdvd & installed dx9
but it dosnt help
Error Message: "Interface for DVD-Navogator not found"
can anybody help?

my system
winxp pro 2600build
wmp9 / dx9
geforce 4 ti 4200 / det. 29.42
Anyone know where the 1.22 EVGA update can be found? I downloaded the NVMAX NVDVD and get the Nvidia Decoder message at startup.

** MSI GF4 440MX, Windows 2000 SP2 (Yeah, I know -- XP is on my other box w/o the DVD drive), Directx 8.1, and NV 29.42 reference drivers.

Any clues as to what to try ?? :confused:

Thanks !! :)

BTW -- I've been a member, but found a link on NVNews.net
will someone that acutally got the player to work please post what Operating system they are using, what version of directx, and what video driver versions they are using. Thanks.
I've got a clue for the "Audio decoder" issue :

i've installed nvDVD on my system, and all was ok.
1 day after, i've installed Nimo codec pack (all sort of audio and video codecs), and guess what ? I got the audio decoder problem.

I decided to removed nimo codec pack, and then nvdvd worked again !!

So i guess that nvdvd audio codec is in conflict with another audio codec, but I don't know which one.

So try ot desintall some codecs to see if it solves the audio codec issue... and post here your result.

You are a genius!! One of the Codecs in the Nimo Codec pack seems to be the root cause. I uninstalled the Nimo Pak and re-installed NVDVD and bam -- She runs without the Codec error.

I am now off to determine which Codec file it is !!

Thanks !! :)

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