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nv30 article on front page


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I don't know if the inquirer is a reliable news source...

testers have said that the nv30 will come with core memory clocked @ 400 mhz... also the ddrII has a top limit of 500-550 mhz...

now... there are radeon 9700pro's that have been constructed by ati... probably will not be sold... but were demoed... and they are runnig with a clock of 550mhz, which translates to 1100mhz... does this make it better than the nv30? reading the article I would think so since the clock is 1100 and the memory bandwidth is 2 times that of the nv30...

my point is I don't think the article is completely accurate, nor does it show that the writer has an understanding of the way DDR II works or the benefits/drawbacks of using it....


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Well I agree with you Sazar but I figured that it least shed's some-light on what Nvidia or ATI could be doing with DDR II technology.


meah... Shoddy journalism tends to bring a bad light to most topics.

If you think about it, people may read the inquirer hoping for a bad ass NV30... but they may get dissapointed... thus giving nVidia a bad name...


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Well since there were a couple of comments to the story when I got to the site today I posted a comment saying the author was just speculating on it.
If they are going to do that, i was thinking of buying a 9700, but now i will wait till christmas, and decide which one is a beast then.

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