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number list generator ?



anyone got any ideas wot i can use to generate a list of numbers, so like u put in starting number and an end number, and it outputs all the numbers inbetween ??

also i was wondering if outlook could be made to work like hotmail or something so u can see the subject and sender without actually downloading the message, im 56k and often receive large emails, but some i dont want so i'd like to be able to choose which ones are downloading, instead of waiting ages to download all the mail and then find out i dont want them
or if theres a program that works like that...

Excel can generate number list, just fill in the first number in a cell and drag it either row or column wise.

You can use mailwasher to view, delete, bounce of both http and pop3 mail accounts.
try with this in the command prompt

for /l %a in (1,1,20) do echo %a

if you want to save the output to a file add ">>somefile.ext" to de end

for /l %a in (1,1,20) do echo %a>>somefile.ext

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