NTLDR is missing


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10 Apr 2004
It is the second time i get this error..

First time : dual boot on brand new Maxtor SCSI 36gigxp/mdk10 using Lilo 2.xx

Mandrake was booting like a charm, but whenever i wanted to boot to XP i get a NTLDR is missing

Second time : dual boot on brand new Maxtor 7200rpm 40gig (MDK) + Maxtor SCSI 36gig (XP) same thing.

Linux is booting fine on both hard drive.. maybe MBR problems.. but since they are brand new hd.. I just don't know.. and oh here's the spec of my pc if this can help

MB : Gigabyte 7VAXP KT400
CPU : AMD XP 2600+
GFX : Radeon 9600 Pro
HD : Seagate Barracuda 120gigs - Maxtor 7200rpm 40gigs (New) - Maxtor Atlas 3 10K SCSI with Adaptec 2940w SCSI Card
DDRAM : Kingston 768mb (512 + 256 ddram 333mhz)
PS : TR (??) 450watts
DVD Burner : LG 4081b
Haven't tried this one>>

NTLDR Missing

"To correct the problem, the user must boot the computer with a Windows 95 or 98 Startup diskette or another bootable diskette with sys.com on it. Then, at the "A:\>" prompt, type "sys c:" and press "enter." A "System Transferred" prompt should appear and then the user must reboot the computer without the diskette."
what is your boot sequency in your bios?

if you are having problems you can try changing the sequency to reflect the o/s you are going to use and disable the rest...

I had a similar problem when I setup the wrong hdd to boot from in my sequency (I don't allow auto-detect or search for bootable devices... I specify which devices/drives to use for booting)
i did change some bios settings.. like CR-ROM/SCSI (with XP)/IDE-0 and SCSI/DISABLED/DISABLED or IDE-0(MDK with the boot loader)/SCSI/DISABLED..
the best result i got is something like Read error on disk - Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE instead of NTLDR is missing *sight*

Oh btw, i don't allow auto-detect neither.
didn't try what Hipster Doofus have pasted.. just got pissed and perform a low-level format on the SCSI.. so this must be NT loader screwing up a little.. gonna re-install XP tomorrow.. we'll see then

Thanks guys.

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