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"NTL puts brake on broadband"



I found the below in "Metro" newspaper (free on Manchester transport services)

"Internet users claim cable company NTL has sold them short by putting a limit on downloading through its broadband service.
Customers have been told not to download more than one gigabyte of data a day - despite adverts which claimed broadband offered unlimited surfing.
Users say the new rule could reduce their Net use to as little as 2.5 hours a day for a supposedly full-time service.
Businessman Kingsley Smith, who has set up a website to protest about the new conditions, said he was disgusted that NTL 'slipped it in under our noses'.
He added: ' They have said this is the Ferrari of broadband services. But it is no good having a Ferrari if you can only pop down to the shops in it.'
Mr Smith, from Coventry, said he was particularly irritated because NTL had a monopoly on broadband in his area.
Broadband is marketed as being always connected, offering a much faster way of receiving pictures, videos and music. But NTL claims its move is necessary so all customers can get a consistent service.
It says the new limit is consistant with 'normal use' - equivalent to 200 music tracks, 650 short videos, 10,000 pictures or about 100 large programs a day.
The vast majority of users will not be affected, it states on its website.
'NTL will only be contacting the small percentage of customers whose use of the service persistently exceeds normal levels, thereby potentially reducing the overall product performance,' it adds."

all i can say is ":/"

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