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#Ntfs quotes


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o.k so i thought u may all want 2 see some of the best quotes out of #Ntfs in the hope some of ya'll will join us merry bunch in there:p

<Lactic> jjb, who's butt didja kiss to finally get op'd? =P

[20:45] *** Lactic was kicked by XP_Pro (JJB6486 plants his foot firmly in Lactic's Ass)

<[e]-Punk> Waddy said he was going out tonight to get drunk and find a dirty girl

<|e|-Punk> Did you and piss quack a rare mitten for misty or did you hoover the irish puzzleman who chins pepper to impress onlooking cuddles and dimples who are loan sharks?

<JJB6486> !8ball Will I ever stop being gay?; [15:46] <DocPheniX> JJB6486, 8BALL says: "WTF?? HELL NO!!"

[e]-Punk· I fancy Marge Simpson, ,but I won't admit that in public

[PK] is totally lost... dammit guess I am looking at Jewelzz's ass again

Sazar· and since we are so special and have bigger weiners than you... we are mods ... its all about the weiners

Do not click the link if bad language offends you



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Just a warning! Some quotes do contain offensive language and then some. It's quite different in #ntfs then it is here :)


I may actually be insane.
Yeah, I've been off all my IRC channels for a few days. I'm back now though, back to my regular idling schedule :)

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