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NTFS.org on TV

i don't know if this was posed on the main page or not, but does anyone know what city this was in? NBC10 from philly? and the guy that has that job does not have any idea what he is talking about.


yes the newscaster and station were in Philly. I am in the surrounding suburbs.


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I was rather pissed off at the end of that clip when he said that he got 'another email that was a little more serious'. Does he think we aren't serious about this site?:mad:


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50kb/sec for me =)

i havent seen this yet so i'll soon know how bad it is

- Ok, just watched it.. is it me or does he say wp-experience?


the sound is screwed in that clip ...to hear what the guy says i have to turn it way up ...my subwoofer starts to shake the floor making this incredivle humming noise
That man is really, really not for that show.

I would do a much better introduction to our site, and I would actually read the name right.

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Sorry about the sound... Xsiv had a problem with the sound going into his VCR sure we can make a better copy at some stage :)

I converted it into a rather large divx, if and when we do it again I will prob. recompress it with WME so should be alot better - having said that, not on broadband anymore so teaching Xsiv will be much easier :D


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Yeah, the guy seems green....but props to waddy, XV, EP, J., etc.

It takes dedicated peeps to keep a site like xp-ntfs rolling all day and all night.

I dont have a whole lot to say most of the time, but I read all day long and have the mods to thank. (and, of course, the members)
thanks to all of you that do this site, i know it takes alot of time. I am going to see if i can get the tape (live 1 mile away from NBC10) what was the date the show was aired on?


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hmmm he says he got an email from a "craig w"

hmmm could that be our very own craig wadington aka waddy webmaster + owner of site trying 2 get publicity:p

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