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NTFS or Fat32?



I am currently running XP pro with 2 hard drives, my 20gb primary master uses NTFS and my 15gb primary slave uses fat32.

My computer works fine except for the problem of some media files (Avis and mpgs) saying that they are "being used by another program or user" or something to that effect and not letting me open, move, or delete them. My computer is networked with another XP pro computer via my router/switch which lets us share roadrunner.

I know that these media files are not being shared, yet regardless of what I do they will not let me do anything with them.

I've read in other posts around here about the problem, and I think someone mentioned that it was a problem only with NTFS formatted drives.

Is that the case? What are the advantages of NTFS as opposed to Fat32? Would it be better to just reformat the drive in Fat32? I don't have much on my computer yet so it wouldn't be that big a deal to do it if it's worth it.

Should I keep with NTFS or go back to Fat32, what will give me the best situation?

NTFS is a far superior file system, no doubt. Security and reliability make it the preferred system. Go to this page and read a few of the articles on the subject of these file systems, i'm pretty sure you'll stay with NTFS.


As far as your problem with not being able to delete or use these files, I think it's just a matter of time before there's a fix from M'soft because a lot of people are eXPeriencing the problem.


.. Just think about being able to turn your computer off and the contents of your hard drive still being there when you turn it back on!.... marvelous

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